CE Games

Games are a great way to establish competency in newly learned concepts or knowledge. When learners get to apply their new information in a game scenario, it reinforces and deepens learning. Engagement, fun, appreciation, interest, and a satisfying feeling of accomplishment are all benefits of using games in learning scenarios.

We've found that a short-segment, multi-media presentation combined with a single-player or group game provides all learning styles with good materials and a shift in the learning perspective from passive to active. This makes a big difference in retention, comprehension, depth, and nuance of new knowledge.

The CE Games Team at Expedition 21 Media, Inc. offers:

  • game designs that match learning objectives;
  • incorporation of real-world data, decision-practice, and outcomes into games and simulations;
  • end-to-end implementation of HTML5 games;
  • game server management, including hosting, activity tracking, administrative reports;
  • group games, leaderboards, and badging systems.

Try one out!

Try a CE in-course mini-game! Here's one from a course for architects about how to get LEED credits for using various kinds of materials in their buildings, and the materials certifications that qualify them.

Don't worry if you feel a little lost - you haven't been through the course to know how to select the right materials. But maybe you can work out the requirements just by... playing?
Materials Reporting 4 mini-game, co-developed with Lowther 7 and Green CE Sustainable Design Continuing Education.