Expedition 21 Media, Inc. provides:

  • LMS (Learning Management Systems) - setup, installation, and customization.
  • Course writing - including updates and conversions from other formats.
  • Course materials production - text, illustrations, images, audio files & podcasts, video files, PDFs, and interactive (HTML5) web pages.
  • Customized assessments - sophisticated assessment systems (web pages) available to integrate with your courses and web sites.
  • Custom learning games - serious games, mini-games, and competency-testing games created for courses and designed around course learning objectives.
  • Badge servers, scoreboards, and class games - take your in-course games live and synchronous, or offer badges for specific levels of game scoring.
  • E-commerce - for online courses, including commissions, coupons and promotions, bundle packages, and downloadable products.
  • Complete, stand-alone web sites - for as-desired distribution of courses and course materials: Internet, thumb-drive, smart phone, classroom tablets, and more.

If you want to be able to do the things the big organizations do, and do them quickly and on a budget, then Expedition 21 Media, Inc. may be your answer.

Online education has exploded. Industry associations and educational organizations are scrambling to provide effective, engaging courses and online learning experiences that accommodate the schedules and needs of their learners.

Things are moving quickly, and learners want the edge: they want to learn quickly, in small chunks of time, on their own schedule, and in the topics that they need today. More and more people are also coming to expect their learning efforts to be recorded automatically, and accessible to employers or the public. The more fun we can make learning, and the more engaging and visible we can make completing courses and gaining new competencies, the more everybody wins.

However, it can be a real challenge. Often new kinds of IT expertise are needed to offer state-of-the-art courses online. Staffing to create new courses or update old ones may be limited, even as the demand increases. And selecting new systems to track things like transcripts, badges, student forums, and system metrics can be a daunting task - writing your own systems is usually a prohibitively expensive proposition.

The idea is to be able to the things that bigger organizations can do, but without having to grow bigger.

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