Home of the Pre-Assessment

Pre-assessments are short quizzes before taking a course, and they measure how much of the course material will be new to the learner. They can be used to customize the course materials, as well as a tool for selecting the best course(s) for the learner, which saves time, provides efficient learning, and increases value delivery.

The explosion of online learning is great in many ways, but it is also creating two walls of pressure for professionals. On the one side, workers who can learn well and learn quickly using online courses can excel past those that don't. More career opportunities, more insights, and a higher level of work capacity can be translated into whatever outcomes a person wants. That's motivating.

On the other edge, more and more employers have started using online training for their employees for even the most basic positions. Things are approaching the point where if you can't learn online, then you are going to be severely limited in your options for work and skills training. That's also motivating.

That's pressure from both sides of the path. It serves everyone to make online learning better. How can we make courses better for learners? Using Qualifying Pre-Assessments ("QPAs") is one way.

Have you ever taken an online course only to discover that you knew 50% or more of the course material already? Remember how it felt to discover that? Have you ever taken a course that looked great, like just what you wanted to learn, only to find that the course expected you to have knowledge and background that you didn't have? A 10-hour course quickly became a 40+ hour course as you scrambled to find more courses to learn the background you needed to complete the first course.

Good course descriptions can help with these problems, but they can't be as thorough as a pre-assessment. A qualifying pre-assessment measures both what the learner doesn't know and what they already know in relation to the course. Measuring both sides allows us to customize course materials for the learner, adding in supplementary modules that will better bridge the advanced material, and removing modules where the learner already has competency. If the course is a huge mismatch either way, we can recommend other courses instead. In a competency-based training program (as opposed to an hours-based training program), the pre-assessment can function as a "test-out" of certain courses, awarding badges or completion credit without having to take the course.

People really appreciate this approach. In ten minutes, they can find out of the course they are about to sign up for is a good fit for them. It is an effective method to manage an overall learning arc and course plan, one tile at a time. Materials are more customized and a higher value delivery is ensured. Everyone wants more time, and efficient learning means getting more done in less time.

Expedition 21 Media, Inc. staff are experts at designing, implementing, and hosting pre-assessments for any kind of online class, training, or course. We'll make it easy to add this simple yet very effective piece to your online programs, regardless of the LMS or delivery system you use. Contact us today and let's explore how you could improve your online programs.