Expedition 21 Media, Inc. values quality lifelong education and learning, especially for professional development. Our staff is experienced in course development, course delivery, and new online technologies for educational communities, credential and certification management, and assessment systems.

Offering quality education online involves the efforts of many areas: subject matter experts, finance professionals, management staff, and more. One of those areas is technology, web systems, and digital content production. When you need a boost in that area for your programs, Expedition 21 Media, Inc. can bridge the gap or provide long-term production and operations -- whatever best fits your plan. We're flexible, capable, and professional.


Expedition 21 Media, Inc. was formed in 2009 from several smaller companies joining together.

Digital Reef Services began building corporate web site and e-commerce solutions in 1997, and had specialized over time into online courses and LMS, with emphasis on Open Source platforms. Back-end web development and applications-oriented databased web sites were common projects for industries with required continuing education, and Digital Reef developed assessment tools, online speaker bureau's, and online application systems for registering courses and education providers with industry associations.

My Internet Dept. provided web server hosting, traffic analysis, VPN access, and IT/Internet planning and management services for growing companies. My Internet Dept. opened in 2000 and later migrated hosting systems into the cloud. Partnered with Digital Reef Services, My Internet Dept. extended services for association clients to member management, e-commerce, and web systems management for several professional associations.

Craftypod produced one of the first and longest-running podcasts as well as professional video production and editing, writing and e-publishing. Producing instructional books, online tutorials, and instructional videos, Craftypod was a perfect addition to the Expedition 21 Media, Inc. team for creating the next level in online courses and continuing education materials.

Brought together, these companies formed a complete package of services, support, and Internet development for continuing education providers and industry associations that needed technical, production, and operational power on-demand to meet the needs of their members.